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Lotus Flower Psychic Readings

Welcomes You

Kathryn has been a Psychic for over 30 years. She offers insightful, uplifting readings utilizing the tarot & oracle cards, her intuition, and messages.

Kathryn receives guided messages from spirit and loved ones, and incorporates a variety of beautiful cards to assist clients in all areas including: love life, family, relationships, career, decision making, well-being and mediumship.

She has participated at many Energy Expos, Psychic & Intuitive Fairs.

Kathryn has a YouTube channel where she uploads monthly Readings for each astrological sign. 

Compassionate and insightful Readings are offered in person, by phone, email, via Zoom or Facebook.



See what responses clients have said xo

I would like another reading with you because last year you said I would meet my soulmate in January, and on January 14 I did! I couldn’t believe it..but he is my soulmate! - Disa- Victoria, BC

Incredible Remote Reading

Kathy did an absolutely incredible remote reading for me and another in person. I felt both were spot on for where I was at the time and where I was heading. Kathy is gifted and very in tune. I highly recommend having a reading with her.

Jill Lawrence recommends Lotus Flower Psychic Readings. 

Kathryn has helped guide me many times with her psychic readings. Very insightful, and always correct!!! She is always there when i need her! Love her monthly readings for each sign as well!

This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are! - Michelle Guiney

Mediumship And Psychic Ability
I have had the good fortune to experience Kathryn Lowther’s psychic ability numerous times. She has an awesome ability to reach realms that many of us cannot on our own. She also delivers the messages in a kind, concise way. I highly recommend her if you wish to communicate with a loved one who has departed this plane or wish to have some clue what lies in store for you. -Trish Mooney

Amazing Online Reading

I just got my reading from Kathy Lowther ..omg I literally cried. She’s amazing. Through Fb messenger because of Covid-19 but was still unbelievable.       Ginger Charlie

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